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Dream Weaving Studios

Proniit Digital and Dream Weaving Studios


Production Services

In-House Music and Radio Advertisement production from the very beginning to the very end. Create your ideas and produce them. We will assist with the creative process if you need. 

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & Mastering Services

Already have your music. We will gladly mix and/or master your track to industry standards ensuring that you are able to release on music platforms worldwide!

Artists & Radio Projects

Featured Artists & Radio Projects

We have music from Dream Weaving Studios released on all major streaming and social platforms worldwide, a testament to our quality and production expertise.

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I created my own mic! High quality mics cost far too much so I used my electrical engineering skills to develop the FMS VPro.


Feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page to discuss your project. I am always happy to provide information and assist in creating your next hit! 

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Freedom with the best
Music Production & Web Development combined

At Proniit Digital we provide the best strategies to design and market your web presence. At Dreaming Weaving Studios, we provide industry standard music and radio advertising production, mixing, and mastering services.

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Our story

Where did it all start?

Way back in 1998 when I first realised that I had a passion for music. I found myself consistently listening to music, almost obsessively. It took a little while until I realised that I wanted to create music but up until 2023, I had no idea how to turn that into reality. As a result, every other business I created was merely a stepping stone to the fruition of this ultimate dream.

Our philosophy

Dream Weaving Studios

In the words of

Lily Meola “Playing astronauts and rock stars” and

NF “What’s my definition of success, creating something no one else can” and

Alan Watts “music as an art form, you say you play the piano, you don’t work the piano” and “Life is like music for its own sake. We are living in an eternal now, and when we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present.” 

This is the philosophy I have always believed in and birthed Dream Weaving studios through. As a result, I am always ready to play!

Play with us and bring dreams into this reality!

So, are you ready to turn your dream into a reality? That’s what we are here for. Together we can play, create, and promote your creativity. Founder, Zohar Kiaav, of both Proniit Digital and Dreaming Studios believes that dreams can become a reality with effort and understanding.

Featured Projects

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Armonia Di Viaggi Sacri

Trinity – Christmas 2023

Won’t Be Tamed

Project Name

Project Name

Project Name

Our Team

At the moment…

Zohar Kiaav

Founder, Producer, Musician

Everything you need to know is on my social platforms, go ahead and follow me. I love to socialise!
tiktok @zoharkiaav

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The Internet has spread like wildfire and has reached every part of our daily life, there is no better time in history for musicians at heart to begin making music their lives! 
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