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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get connected with Proniit Broadband or apply for a new plan?
Once you have decided which package you want, fill in the sign-up form

2. How do I top up my data online?
log into your account online and follow the top up prompts.

3.  Will my SIM work with any phone or modem

4. Why was my account suspended/ deleted/ number not working?
This would be due to the account falling into arrears. As this is a month to month plan, the amount needs to be paid in advance to keep the line active.

5. Is there coverage in my area?
Please contact one of our agents on  031 837 2693 to find out.

6. What is the procedure?
Pick the package that suits you, fill in the sign-up sheet, get the confirmation email, get the delivery, get activated, get browsing.

7. When will the DATA expire?
For the LTE the DATA lasts for the full duration of the month but if topped-up the new DATA will expire at the end of 30 days. The ADSL has a 3 month roll-over.

8. Are there any restrictions using the unlimited service?
There are no restrictions, however, once a threshold has been reached the AUP will be implemented. Please visit for the Acceptable usage policy.